Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smaller version of the original Amazon Echo smart speaker. It looks more like a hockey puck than the Echo’s original cylindrical shape, the dot measures a little over 3 inches in diameter and is nearly 1.5 inches high. It has a few buttons on the top which control volume, mute the speaker, and wake the device to listen for a question or command (though you don’t need to touch the Dot to use it; it is designed to primarily respond to voice commands).

Like the original Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker that uses an artificially intelligent personal assistant named Alexa to perform a huge range of different things. Alexa can play music, set alarms, order on Amazon for you, control other “smart” devices in the home, play games, and answer questions by searching for information on the internet, just to name a few of its many skills.

The Amazon Echo Dot is different from the Echo primarily in that it doesn’t have the large speaker which takes up most of the original Echo’s cylinder. It has a much smaller, somewhat lower quality speaker. But it can be easily connected to an external speaker, using a standard audio cable or by Bluetooth. The original Echo cannot be connected to an external speaker. Otherwise, the Dot is identical to the Echo — it can perform all the functions of any other member of the Amazon Echo family. The Alexa personal assistant works the same, and can draw on the same library of skills and activities.

If you already have one kind of Echo product and want additional speakers for other rooms in your home, you can mix and match. An Amazon Echo Dot can work in a household with other Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers.

While Amazon Echo Dot products can’t “hand off” information from one device to another and aren’t aware of each other in the same home, they do have microphone technology that ensures the Echo that’s closest will receive and act on voice commands — convenient if you have several Echo products in a small home or apartment.

The Amazon Echo Dot is so convenient when you need information and even just checking the weather.

I have enjoyed mine for the past several years, since they came out.

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