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In the computer world that we live in, we find that the software that is is installed on our computer is important for us as we use the computer from day to day.  As software is updated it is important that we upgrade to the newest version that is available.  There are numerous reasons that software is upgraded.  While security is a major reason to upgrade software and it canot be overstated, there are some cool benefits to software updates. Often you’ll see improved functionality and increased ease of use.

Cyber crime is on the rise.  You hear about it on the news constantly. we hear another major news story about ransomware attack that’s affected a huge system. The longer a piece of software is out, the longer hackers have to find bugs and issues to exploit.  This can allow hackers to find their way into your system without you knowing. The exploitable entry points for a major piece of software are made public so that users can be aware and so that software companies can fix the issues.

Personal data can be at risk. Since, we are putting more and more data on the computer, we need to consider the chance of people to hacking into out computers.  This is extremely import to consider for businesses, but also for the individuals who store information on their computers at home.

Malware is another consideration.  Email viruses don’t pass through commercial email services like G mail and Yahoo the way they used to in the past. However, they can be passed through smaller networks like a work email server or a local network. An infected USB drive can be simply plugged into your machine and spread the infection without us even knowing it until it has infected out computers. Upgrading our software can help us avoid this happening because the software company is upgrading their software.

Lastly, the software company adds new features to their software which are beneficial to us.

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