Data Storage From The Beginning




The storage of data has evolved over the years.  The first that I remember is gathering data in a particular format and then inputting by sitting down to a keypunch machine and punching cards with the data.  Each card was numbered so that if the cards get dropped that can be put back in order.  You would be surprised, it happened more often than you would thing.  The cards were then read and downloaded to magnetic drums to be read my a mainframe computer. Drum memory consisted of a long metal cylinder coated in magnetic material, with rows of read-write heads situated on the axis of the drum. It was once used as a primary storage device and remained common in computing through the 50s and 60s, but is now it is used as an auxiliary storage device to hold data.

Magnetic tapes was the next means of storage that I remember. Tape drives used motors to wind the magnetic tape from reel to reel, while passing a tape head to read, write, or erase data. More compact versions of this technology were common through the 1980s, like the VHS and cassette tape. Magnetic tape is used less and less for daily backups, but because of its inexpensive nature, it is still used to archiving data even today

Magnetic core was the next means of storing data.  Magnetic core memory was first used in the MIT Whirlwind computer. if I remember my studies. Core memory works by storing one bit of data on tiny magnetic rings, or cores. The more magnetic cores you pack into a core memory, the more data you can store on it. I made processing data a lot easier than the prior methods. A magnetic core memory system was found still in service in a telephony control system. It continues to capture the interest of modern enthusiasts today.

Hard disk drives(HDD) were then invented. The HDD stores data on one or more rapidly rotating magnetic metal platters, or disks. This is the most common means of storing data on the computers even today.  The size of the hard drive has in creased over the years.

Floppy disk drives were the invented so that data can be stored and then moved from computer to computer.  Then the compact disk (CD) were invented, which was capable of storing even more data.  Zip drives were then invented so that you could plug it into the USB ports on the computer. These were so easy to transport in your pocket or purse. They were capable to storing a large amount of data.

DVD’s, SD cards, USB flash drives, Blu-ray optical disc are among the current means of storing data. The cloud data storage is being very popular because of the capability of accessing the data from any location.


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