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This site will display some of the best electronic equipment for sale on the internet.  Our goal is to give you access to the best equipment and to give the best prices available for the current time.

The computer world has changed over the past number of years. I can remember the Texas Instrument Computers.  I remember when all data had to be key punched and then read into the computer that was so large that it took up and large building.   Then when we went to the 2 disks systems, on with the operating system and the other disk contained the data.  Then a hard drive was added to the computers where the operating system and the data was stored on the same hard drive.  We went from an 8 inch disk to a 5 1/2 inch disk to a 3 1/2 inch disk.  If you compare these computers to your cell phone today, the cell phone would walk away from them in speed.  Today things have advanced so much that businesses and even individuals cannot get by without a computer.

Companies used them for everything from employment to things including payroll, email, ordering, purchasing and so many more things.  In other words a business cannot operate without a computer.

As an individual, we used the computer to communicate, track bank statements, receipts, shopping on line, and so many other things.  In the environment that we are currently living in, we are working from home and need a computer that is powerful and able to do our jobs from home. So many of our families have a computer for every child that they use for school.  We have a desktop for ourselves and then laptop for us and for our spouse.

We just don’t know what we would do without a computer.  Most of us and our kids have to have a fast computer to play games on line and keep up with friends that we play.

It is a necessity that we can’t do without.




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